I write app with Ruby On Rails and Vue JS.
I think that the productivity of Rails is missing in the new era of js framework.
The first thing that I miss is convention over configuration for build strong app that scales from developer point of view.
I love conventions because they improve productivity a LOT.
I like tests for safe development.
Maybe the best solution for my experience was to learn and use ember.js.
My big problem with ember.js is SEO.
I need to render server-side with my project and I have a lot of apps written with a deep and good knowledge of Rails.
So Vue with Stimulus are the right tools for me.
I like Vue but I think he has some problem with lack of convention and when the app gets complex I need to write a lot of boilerplate code. When I use Vuex more and more.
I'm trying a new solution: VuexORM.
Vuex ORM seems the perfect bridge between the two worlds.
In the next days, I'll write new code with VuexORM. I'll write my first opinions about it after this period.